John 1:2

He was in the beginning with God

Who is “He” referring to in the verse?

When was the beginning that this verse is referring to?

Was there anything before the beginning?

What is this beginning referring to?

What are some of your favorite beginnings?

Name some famous beginnings?

What does a beginning signify?

How does a beginning make you feel?

Tell about a beginning in your own life.

How can “He” (Jesus) be with God?

Where are “He” (Jesus) and God?

What do “He” (Jesus) and God do together?

Do “He” (Jesus) and God communicate?

How does it impact you to know that Jesus was around since “the beginning?”

How does it make you feel to know that Jesus has been around from the beginning?

Does it change your view towards Jesus to know He was around from the beginning?


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