John 1:5

The light shines in the darkness

Have you ever been in a completely dark place or a place with only one light?

How do you feel when there is complete darkness?

What does darkness represent?

What does the light represent?

How does light shining in the darkness make you feel?

What does light do for you when you are in a dark place?

What are some dark places in your heart and life where you need the light to shine on?

How can you thank Jesus for shining His light in your darkness?

How can you be a light shining in the darkness?

How could you “pray this verse”?


And the darkness has not overcome it

What does it mean the darkness has not overcome the light?

What does overcome mean?

What are some things you have overcome?

Can you think of some examples you have seen of a person/animal/situation overcoming another person/animal/situation.

What does this verse tell us about Jesus?

Is there any darkness in your world today?

Is it reassuring to know that the evil and darkness in the world cannot overcome Jesus’ light?

How can this verse give you hope?

Who can you share the truth from this verse with?

Why does it sometimes seem like darkness is winning and overcoming the light?

How could you “pray this verse” with assurance knowing Jesus will overcome?

Tell the progression from “in the beginning” to the “darkness has not overcome it”.


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