John 1:8

He was not the light, 

What did it take for John to admit he wasn’t the light, and instead bear witness of Jesus? Do you think he ever wanted the credit or the attention instead?

Has there ever been the time that you gave the credit or glory to someone else? Was it hard?

How do you respond when people praise or exalt you?

How is mankind “not the light” (different than Jesus)?

What does it take to admit we are “not the light”.

What happens when we think we are “the light”.

How can we praise and worship the One who is “the Light”?

but came to bear witness about the light.

What does a witness do?

Why does God chose men and women to “bear witness”? Why doesn’t He choose a different way to get His message out?

Tell about something you have witnessed.

How do you become a witness?

Do you have the qualifications to be a witness for God?

What qualities does a good witness have?

How can a witness influence someone else?

Why is it important to have a witness to something?

Who did John bear witness to?

What do you think John said about the “Light”?

How do you think John influenced others?

What would you say about the “Light” if you were His witness?

Are you a faithful witness to the “Light”? If yes, give an example. If no, what would have to change so you became a faithful witness?



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