John 1:10

He was in the world,

What does John mean by “in the world”?

How do you think Jesus coming into the world impacted the people at that time?

Is Jesus in your world?

Where do you see Jesus in the world today?

How does Jesus influence your world?

How do you prepare for someone coming to your house? How should you prepare your heart for Jesus to come?

Why did Jesus come into the world?

What if Jesus had not come into the world?

and the world was made through him,

What is the tiniest, (largest, strongest, strangest, most expensive, most beautiful, most intricate) thing you can think of that was made by “Him” (Jesus)?

What does Jesus making all things tell about His character?

Why do you think Jesus had so much variety in what He made?

What qualities does someone need to have to make something?

What is something you have made? How did you feel about the item you made?

What is your response in light of knowing that “all things were made through Him”?

How does it make you feel to know that you were made by Jesus who had you in His mind since “the beginning”.

How does the world being made through Jesus impact your worship of him?

yet the world did not know him.

Why didn’t the world know him?

What might keep someone from knowing someone else?

Do you know “him” (Jesus)?

What does it mean to know someone?

What does knowing Jesus involve?

How do you act towards someone you don’t know versus someone you do know?

How can you help the world know him (Jesus)?

How can you get to know Jesus better?


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