John 1:9

The true light,  

What was John testifying to? What was he telling the people?

What makes Jesus the “true light”?

What could be a synonym for “true” in this passage?

Why do you think the author, John, now adds to the term “light” to say  that Jesus is the “true light”?

Do you think there were “false lights” at this time?

What would a “false light” look like?

which gives light to everyone,

What is the light that Jesus gives?

Have you asked Jesus to give you “light”?

Who does Jesus give”light” to?

Have you ever felt like you didn’t deserve Jesus’ “light”?

How does it make you feel to know that Jesus gives the “light” to everyone?

How is your life be different when  you have the “light” of Jesus?

What is your response to Jesus for giving everyone the “light”?

How does the light of Jesus shine in your life?

Does this verse say people need to do anything to receive the light?

Why are there times that our light is not evident to others?

was coming into the world.

What does John mean by “into the world”?

How do you think Jesus coming into the world impacted the people at that time?

Is Jesus in your world?

Where do you see Jesus in the world today?

How does Jesus influence your world?

How do you prepare for someone coming to your house? How should you prepare your heart for Jesus to come?

Why did Jesus come into the world?

What if Jesus had not come into the world?


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