About Me

My name is Jennifer Byzewski. I have been married to my husband, Matt, for 27 years, and I am a mom to two wonderful grown children.

I have a BS in Elementary Education and a Master’s of Educational Technology. I currently teach online for an awesome virtual school, Bridges Virtual Academy, in Wisconsin. I also teach in our church AWANA Bible club and with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship).

In my free time I like to garden. I start my plants from seeds in the house. The best part is collecting the harvest and cooking, baking, dehydrating, freezing and canning all my produce. I also enjoy hiking and biking.


I became a Christian when I was 16. I was raised an atheist and  believed what I was heard from my parents until I reached high school age. As I got older and began to think about the meaning of life, a world without a higher power seemed empty and unlikely. I felt there had to be a bigger purpose to this life, and as I studied biology and more about the world, I knew this all didn’t happen by chance.

I began to look into many different religions and questioned how there could be so many different ways to reach God. It seemed to me that there could only one truth, only one right way to approach and know God. I realized that all religions are man’s way of trying to reach God and gain His favor. I wanted to know what God’s way was, so I began reading the Bible with lots of questions.

After reading the entire Bible, I clearly saw the Big Picture of God’s plan to save human beings from their sinful desire to live life apart from God. The consistency between the Old Testament sacrifices for sin and Jesus’ death on the cross as the final payment for the sins of mankind convinced me that God was real and that he sent Jesus to take the penalty for all sins including mine.

I pray that your time of questioning has brought you to this conclusion as well. If you have any questions about how to have a personal relationship with Jesus, please message me.