Romans 1:6

 among whom you also are the called of Jesus Christ;

Among all the nations, you are called of Jesus if you believe in Him. How does this make you feel?
What does it mean to be “the called”?
How should someone who is “called” act?
How does a person become “the called?
Who is the one doing the calling?
Does knowing you are called change how you think or act?

Romans 1:5

through whom we have received grace and apostleship to bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of his name among all the nations,

What is grace?
How do you receive grace?
Are you a grace filled Christian?
Do you extend grace to others?
How does it feel when someone gives you grace?
What is apostleship?
What are doing as an apostle of Christ?
How do you receive apostleship?
Have you put your faith in Jesus?
Whose name do you need to call on in faith?
Who can receive grace and apostleship?
What are you doing to reach all nations and cultures with the message of grace?
What are you doing to reach all nations with the message of faith in Jesus?

John 2:4

Jesus said to her, “Woman, what does your concern have to do with Me? My hour has not yet come.”

How did Jesus respond to His mother?
What did he mean by His response?
Why would Jesus say, “What does this have to do with me”?
Why would Jesus say, “My hour has not yet come”?
What “hour” is Jesus talking about?

John 2:1

On the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there.

When was the wedding?
Where was the wedding?
Who was at the wedding?
Why isn’t Mary named here?
What are you feelings about weddings?
What memories do you have about weddings?
What preparations go into planning a wedding?
Who was the mother of Jesus?